Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#59: Reward and Punishment

"I think we see some of that in Ben's relationship with the island -- he is rewarded and punished over and over again -- these punishments and rewards are connected.

Cancer Example:
I think Ben lied about Juliette's sister's "relapse" as a way of keeping Juliette on the island. As a result of that lie, Ben was punished with a tumor on his spine. To counter the punishment, he was rewarded with a spinal surgeon who fell out of the sky.

Patricide Example:
I think that Ben was punished for killing his father. I think that in an upcoming episode, we will see that Annie was pregnant with Ben's child at the time he killed his father, and that as punishment, his unborn child (and Annie, as well) were killed (and Ben learned, for the first time, that pregnant women always die on the island). Right after their deaths, Rousseau's group came to the Island, restoring to Ben the child (Alex) that had been taken from him (at least in his mind).

Goodwin Example:
I think we are going to see that Ben's punishment for allowing Goodwin to be killed by the tailies is that he gets caught in Rousseu's net on his way back to New Otherton. The reward for being caught in the net is the way he infiltrates the Losties and gets under Locke's skin."

Punishment, maybe. But what is he rewarded for? Not exactly stupid, per se, but I think you haven't completely thought this through.

No, cuz it's another one of mine, but it was the genesis for Ben vs. The Universe, and that's at least not completely stupid. Right?


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