Thursday, April 10, 2008

#72: Jacob and Christian are twins

I think Jacob and Christian Shepherd are twins. I came to this conclusion after Hurley found Jacob’s cabin and saw someone who looked like Christian Shepherd rocking in the chair. Darlton also stated in a podcast, answering a question from a viewer, that it was intuitive of this viewer to notice that the person in the cabin looked like Christian Shepherd. They never said it WAS him, but they pointed out that it LOOKED like him—possibly implying a twin.

Thus, Jacob would be Jack’s Uncle, not his Grandfather. I’ve yet to determine which one is good and which one is bad, or if there even is such a delineation. But there’s the obvious reference to the twins Jacob and Esau of the Bible, and Jacob has a son named Benjamin. The implications are obvious. Jacob deceived Esau for his birthright, but interestingly enough, after the deception, the line blurs as to whether or not one brother was more or less evil/good than the other brother. Jacob was definitely more blessed than Esau, even though he used deception to get his way. And there’s the reference seen on the screen in room 23 “God Loves You as he Loved Jacob”, so who knows…

Yes. Obvious indeed.

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