Friday, April 11, 2008

#75: Four-toed evolution

I submit that mankind has evolved throughout the millions of years that we have existed. The very first life forms on earth were theoretically water bound creatures. As time went on, these fins began to turn into digits and the creature began to walk on land.

I’m using this concept to suggest that, perhaps millions of years ago before any records, humans had four fingers and four toes. Of course, a million years out here in the real world is a million years, but who’s to say, or not say, that a million years on the Island is the same as a million years here as well? I think that the first inhabitants of the island were primitive humans that only had four digits on each limb. These original inhabitants did not have the technology to build statues in the real world, but they had a heightened intellect and sense of awareness on the island that led them to construct such structures.

There are even people alive today that are in the process of developing six digits on each limb. Some would call this decease, known as polydactyly. Others might call it evolution.

Well, I think you know what I call it.


Into the Wood's said...

Pick you up at 7:00? Make it FIVE!

Ezra Jay said...

You've tried sanding them off. You've tried slamming them off. And mits only hide the problem. Let's face it... you've got extra fingers.