Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#64: The Biblical King Whoever Theory

"Here's a crazy thought. What if this is kinda like the biblical story where King whoever was told by the three wise men that a king was to be born (Jesus) and would rule the world. So the king had all the boys killed ages 2 or younger hoping that one of them would be this new king. Maybe the pregnant women dying thing is along these lines. Pregnant women die and all the children kidnapped because they know a new leader is coming. The island killing the pregnant women because the island does not want this new special child. Ben trying to course correct by bringing Juliet to try to fix this problem, hence bringing the new special child. This could also explain why they take the children, not knowing exactly how this special child will come to be on the island, therefore taking all children that arrive on the island."
No, dude. It's not crazy at all

(unless by "crazy" you mean "stupid" in which case, yes, it is beautifully, religiously crazy).

In fact, it would be the most coolestest, craziest thing ever if every if the universe were really trying to course-correct the crucifiction -- and it would be even CRAZIER if it sent someone like the Terminator back to do it (especially if the Terminator was really Annie). That would simple ROCK! Go Bible!

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