Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#63: Charlie is O6

"Wouldn't that be cool if Charlie turned out to be Oceanic Six? Wouldn't that twist everything around?"

Yes, YES! I love that idea. The real Oceanic Six:


What if those six are the six!!!
If those six were the actual Oceanic Six, that would be mind-blowingly AMAZING!!!

(P.S. If you're still doing the math, maybe you see that it doesn't add up. But don't worry -- if you didn't notice, then congratulations -- you. like me, are an official Charlie lover, and I can't blame either of us for being hopefully, pathetically-unable-to-accept-reality-kind-of-stupid, too).

1 comment:

MentaX said...

ahhh man!! hahaha I don't see it being a stupid theory... I hope it does happen!!! hahaha

I saw Dominic Monaghan in person the other day and I wanted to hunt him down and hug his leg and never let him gooo!!!