Wednesday, March 26, 2008

#41: Jacob is Jack's Grandfather

"The names Jacob, John, James, and Shephard all appear in the Bible in the Book of Matthew. Jacob was the father of Joseph who was the father of Jesus Christ. So on Lost, Jacob is Christian's father making him Jack's grandfather.i.e:JACOB SHEPARD!!! This means we can see why Jack is of the utmost importance to the island, Jacob found the island and is making Jack the islands saviour. What strikes me as either important or coincidence is the book of the bible in which this occurs, Matthew which is Jack's name in real life, Matthew Fox!!!"
Nope, neither important nor coinciental.
All it is is stupid.

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Anonymous said...

i dont think its stupid. i come to the same conclusion based on different biblical facts.

jacob had a son named levi.
levi had several kids, two of them were konath and Jochebed. konath had a son named amram and this amram married his fathers sister jochebed and also had a son named aaron.
so technicaly spoken jacob is aarons great-grandfather.

in lost aaron is the son of claire , who herself is the daughter of christian shephard.
so this makes christian the grandfather of aaron.
If there is a biblical connection in the series, it might well be that jacob (shephard) is the great-grand father of aaron and also the grandfather of jack.