Saturday, March 29, 2008

#55: course-corrected Emily

"Ben’s mother, an original member of DHARMA, travels 15 years back in time, back to 1970. She meets a great guy, marries him, and gets pregnant. But, she was childless in the alternate future that she lived out on the island.

When the time comes for Ben’s mom to give birth, she dies, but still manages to produce a baby boy. The reason she died was because the timeline was course correcting to replace her with Ben. In a way, Ben is the embodiment of her, and was thus “created” to fulfill her legacy as the disgruntled DHARMA engineer that would ultimately bring down the shady corporation. It’s Ben’s role to figure out how to “work around” fate, and to find a way to make the time machine “work” without using DHARMA’s methods.

After a good bit of time on the island, Ben hears and sees his dead mother outside his house on the island! The reason he sees her is because in an “alternate future,” she was actually alive and working on this island for DHARMA. She appears half-dead to him because her dead spirit is designed to “help Ben understand his destiny” so that he can carry on her legacy. Thus, her spirit is time’s way of course correcting the future."

So let me get this straight, the universe course-corrected Emily Linus for traveling back in time and getting pregnant when she wasn’t supposed to be pregnant, so it kills her and replaces her with the son she was not supposed to have. Then it sends the now-course-corrected-dead-mommy-spirit to the never-supposed-to-be-born Ben on the island to course-correct him into what exactly? Don’t tell me that HE got pregnant too!

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