Sunday, March 30, 2008

#56: Elite black smoke-like creatures

"These elect people [followers of Jacob] had proven themselves worthy and been taught by Jacob to “unstick’ themselves in time and space and to transcend their very natures. They became part of the island, and when “unsticking” themselves in time and space would manifest themselves as black smoke-like creatures with amazing power and ability."

I see. So the smoke monster is really elite people who "transcend their very natures" (whatever that menas) -- elite people with amazing power and ability. That's vague enough to cover about anything and mean almost nothing -- vague enough to be stupid.

(and lest anyone be too concerned that I am only ripping apart other people's theories, rest assured, this stupid one is from my "Ben vs. The Universe" theory -- I know for sure it's stupid, cuz it's mine).

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