Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#4: Annie is Libby

Granted, I can completely understand the intrique over Annie (Ben's childhood Dharma sweetheart) -- the exec. producers have said her story plays a major role in understanding Ben's actions -- so yeah, Annie is a cool mystery -- I feel it to.
But what is this deep obsession with Libby? I know, the fact she was in that nut-house with Hurley has never been explained, and there is speculation that she gave her sailboat to Desmond at Widmore's request, but making the leap that Libby is Annie? What would such a revelation really add to the show at all? I just don't get it. And since I don't get it, you know it must be stupid.

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carl said...

it was very stupid that after everything that had happend, libby is in the nut house with fatso!!!wot the fudge!!!this was never explained!!!!any ideas??