Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#9: Jacob: The Lost Scrooge Connection

According to this theory, Lost's mysterious "Jacob" is named after the Charles Dickens' character Jacob Marley, the one-time partner of Ebeneezer Scrooge who warns Scrooge of the terrible chains of hell that await him after death. Marley also arranges for three ghosts (a flashback, present-day, and flash-forward ghost) to visit Scrooge and redeem his soul on Christmas Eve.

Okay, so this theory isn't "stupid" per se -- the show has made several Dickens references and there are clearly themes of redemption throughout each characters' storylines, as well as the flashback, present, flash-forward storytelling devices. This theory actually shows a lot of creativity and thought (no, it's not mine).
I just can't figure out how Jacob being like Jacob Marley has any practical significance for the show. How does it add anything that we dont already know? Is Jacob a ghost then? Who is Scrooge? Who are the other ghosts who visit him? And most importantly, who is Tiny Tim, because someone has to say "God bless us each, every one."

No, this is not really stupid (it's pretty cool, really), but since I can't exactly figure it out, it's close enough to make the list.


Mad Queen said...
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Melissa said...

Maybe Hurly is supposed to be "tiny" Tim, "cuz that would be funny and he always wants everyone to get along.
Ben would be Scrooge, duh. He has all that money hidden.
Desmond is the Ghost of future, Charley the present and they all are their own past ghosts.